The Civilians 2017-2018 R&D Group

Working again with collaborators director Annie Tippe and Composer Jeanna Phillips on our second project together. Will spend the year researching and diving in with the Civilians in their   2017-2018 R&D Group

A bit about the project: UNTITLED CREDIT SHOW is a new music-theater fantasia that examines America's volatile relationship to money and our addictive love affair with live television. At the end of a decent cul-de-sac, a group of women meet weekly to support each other's purchases from a new home shopping TV network. Everyone has a credit card. Some have three. It’s 1980 and they’re thrilled to be living in the age of glorified debt. They can step inside their TV, and allow an array of bird baths and pendants (for only three easy payments of $19.99!) to wash over them. Political or personal differences that arise are suppressed in favor of shared purchases. Amidst six-part harmonic tributes to the zirconia tennis bracelet and a psychedelic deep dive into a live Televangelical marathon, the women muse on why they continue to chase the ever-elusive American dream, and wonder who defined it in the first place.