COWBOY BOB ( 5W, 4M) Peggy was a good neighbor, a good daughter, and a great bank robber. Disguised as a man in a fake beard and a ten-gallon hat, “Cowboy Bob” evaded detection for more than a decade. In a score that's equal parts Riot Grrrl rage and Texas two-step, the small-town legend inspires an assortment of competing wannabe rebels to claim her story as their own. Created with director Annie Tippe and Composer Jeanna Phillips


  • The Village Theatre’s 2019 Festival of New Musicals

  • New York Stage & Film's Power House Theater 2018 Musical Workshop.   

  • Polyphone Festival Cesar Alvarez Artistic Director, 2018

  • Yale Institute for Music Theater 2017

  • Ars Nova Project Residency 2016

  • New York Theatre Workshop Adelphi Residency 2016

UNTITLED CREDIT SHOW (6W, 1M) a music-theater investigation of the intersection of Americana, credit cards and pay-to-play religiosity. It’s the money boom of Reagan's America, and credit card debt looms at the end of a decent if somewhat narrow cul-de-sac. A group of women meet weekly to support each other's purchases from a new home shopping TV network. They can step inside their TV, and allow the array of bird baths and roasters to wash over them. In six part harmony, the women pay tribute to cubic zirconia tennis bracelets; live music bursts forth from the QVC show set. This new music-theater fantasia examines America's volatile relationship to money and our addictive love affair with live television. Co- created with director Annie Tippe and Composer Jeanna Phillips


  • 2019 Orchard Project Residency

  • 2018 Civilians’ R&D Group

UNTITLED SMALL TOWN ANTI-TORTURE ACTIVIST MUSICAL Two women who work at a small town regional airport in North Carolina in the mid 2000s learn that the CIA is using the airport to fly suspected terrorists over seas to be tortured at the famous “black sites”. They take to their community by way of town hall meetings, church services, football rallies and BBQ’s in an attempt to rally their neighbors’ outrage, but are met with a far more complicated response than they expect. As we descend into an era of unlimited government and corporate power, can any change really be made? We’re supposed to make a difference in our communities, but sometimes even there, the forces maybe be too big for us. Co- created with director Annie Tippe and Composer Jeanna Phillips 

MOLLY MURPHY & NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON ON OUR LAST DAY ON EARTH (3W, 3M)  part adventure musical, part lecture-series and part unwilling launch into the abyss. The story follows an imagined version of famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and his biggest fan (a fictional Molly Murphy) through the Hayden Planetarium in the last 24 hours before the Earth is swallowed by a supermassive black hole.  They, along with a small group of workers who inexplicably showed up for work, grapple with a world unraveling and the choices we make when situations become dire.


  • NYMF Reading Series 2016

  • Ars Nova's ANT Fest 2015

  • The Incubator Arts Project Workshop Production 2014