IKE ( 3W, 3M) A father and daughter wake up in their home and nothing seems amiss, until they walk outside to find that their house is the only one left standing. GALVESTON takes place just after Hurricane Ike, a storm that devastated the Texas Gulf Coast in 2008, and follows a myriad of storm survivors as they try to make sense of a town reduced to rubble, a collapsing US economy and the heartbreakingly surreal, funny, devastating nature of what happens when your entire life gets washed away in an instant. An investigation of FEMA, natural disasters, and the indomitable will of communities to survive, set across a hundred years of a sinking sandbar on the gulf coast of Texas. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria, what does real relief look like? What grows after destruction? What are the things we can't get back?


  • Recipient of 2019 Beatrice Terry Residency, Drama League, Workshops in April/Nov 2019

  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund Residency through P73, April 2018

  • Drama League First Stage Residency, 2018

  • Developed in Page 73’s Interstate 73 Writer’s Group, 2017

UNTITLED NORTHWEST PASSAGE CRUISE HORROR PLAY As the glaciers melt and the Northwest Passage becomes accessible, anyone with a bunch of money can pay for the privilege of a front row seat to climate change. In this play, a luxury cruise drifts off course (another effect of climate change is the shifting of Earth’s magnetic field. This shift damages our ability to navigate via GPS) Luxury descends into survival: Melting Ice. Rabid Polar Bears. Food Shortages. All on a big ass boat.


  • 2020 Pipeline Theatre PlayLab

BIG BEND IN THE RED DIRT DESERT (3W, 1M) is a play of magic realism set inside a anthropomorphic rental car. Two long lost friends embark on an epic journey across a dream-like Texas void in hopes of killing an old boyfriend. Together they encounter the vast sky, dangerous strangers, the empty nothingness of the land, and individual reckonings with loss, revenge, and belonging.


  • Williamstown Theater Festival workshop production with Non-Eq company, 2015

  • Developed in Fresh Ground Pepper’s Playground Playgroup, 2015


All Hallow's Eve at the Amarillo Jehovah's Witness Weekly Grief Group in the Backroom of the Y Just Off the Feeder (2W, 2M)  A small religious grief group goes haywire as Halloween ghosts creep in.


  • Published in the Santa Ana River Review , 2016

A BIG LIFE (1W)  A monologue about biking in West Texas after a sudden death.


  • Performed at The Moth

  • The Group Lab’s Where Project, 2016

The H20 Pool Bar at the San Luis Hotel  (4W, 1M) a group of young women work as pool cocktail waitresses at a resort in the glamorous pre-crash cloud of 2007. It might be a shit resort town in Texas, but dammit we’re going to make it feel rich!


  • New Light Theater Project, workshop showing 2014